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DUI suspect arrested after slamming into two businesses in Covina

On Sunday the 2nd of October 2022, a man was speeding along Second Avenue on East Rowland Street, then crashed into two businesses; a dry cleaning business, and a printing shop, causing extensive damage. Although no injuries were reported, both businesses were closed at the time of the incident as they sustained major structural damage.

According to Covina police, the crash happened at about 5:45 p.m.

The police arrested the driver who was on suspicion of DUI.

The driver was uncooperative with the first responders before being taken into custody.

A nearby business owner named Georgia McCaffrey said that this is so common and that it wasn't the first time such a crash has happened in the area. "This is maybe, in 10 years, the sixth or seventh. They just seem to run into the building. I don't understand." She said.


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