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Covina Stabbing Suspects Arrested

Earlier this week, two men accused of a stabbing at a grocery store were arrested according to authorities. The Covina Police booked the two gentlemen on suspicion of attempted murder. Police responded to a robbery alarm at about 6pm the night prior to the arrest. When the officers arrived at the scene of the crime, they determined that a robbery had not occurred, but, instead, found a cashier that had been stabbed several times. The clerk was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment and is in stable condition at this time. Police stated that the clerk was stabbed twice in the leg and once in the chest. After reviewing the security tapes, police were able to identify two suspects, both from the city of Covina and were arrested early the next morning. Police have not been able to tie a motive with the stabbing, but both men are being held without bail at the Covina Police Department.

stabbing in covina

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