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How Bail Bonds Work In Covina and West Covina.

Anytime someone is arrested in the city of West Covina, they will most likely be taken to the West Covina Jail, which is located at 1444 W. Garvey Ave West Covina, CA 91790. The instant that the defendant arrives at the jail, there will be an officer there to meet them and take any personal belongings that the arrestee has. The officer will then take the defendant’s belongings and put them in safekeeping for the remainder of the case or the arrestee’s time spent at the jail.

West Covina Courthouse ( Citrus Courthouse ).

The West Covina Courthouse ( Citrus Courthouse ) is located at 1427 West Covina Pkwy West Covina, CA 91790 and is located in the heart of West Covina. This courthouse is also known as the Citrus Courthouse and serves certain cities surrounding it. The West Covina Courthouse serves the cities of Baldwin Park, West Covina, Covina, and some parts of Azusa, depending on where you or your loved one was arrested.

Bounty Hunters.

When someone decides to bail out of jail through the means of a bail bond, it becomes the bail bond agency’s responsibility to make sure that the defendant shows up to court so they could get their money back. However, in some cases the defendant will try to evade court and all of the bail bond agency’s calls and attempts to reach the defendant.

West Covina Police Department.

The West Covina Police Department makes it their mission to provide the highest level of service and protection to the residents of the city of West Covina. The Police officers have been serving this community for many years with 90 fulltime officers and many volunteers and they will all continue to serve this beautiful city for many years to come.

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