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West Covina Police Department.

There are also 55 part time workers that include Reserve Officers, Crossing Guards, and clerical staff. About two thirds of the fulltime officers are in charge of patrolling the streets of the city to ensure that the residents are safe. They also are the first to answer to 911 calls as well as identifying potential crime problems. Every one of the officers of the West Covina Police Department also help in their communities, making sure that their neighbors take vital safety precautions.


They also have a community service department that is in charge of patrolling the streets alongside officers in case they need to close a road or direct traffic. In order to become an officer of the West Covina Police Department, you must first complete the police academy and undergo extensive training. There is also an investigative and administrative division which was combined into one division in 2011. This division is responsible for providing investigation and follow-up services for crimes throughout the city.


The police department has done an amazing job at keeping the city as safe as possible through the many years. All of the detectives are highly trained to handle any situation that may occur in any part of the city at any time of the day. The city relies on all of these departments to work together in order for the whole process to work properly. This requires a lot of teamwork and help from the residents to make sure that the community is properly secured.

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