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West Covina Courthouse ( Citrus Courthouse ).

west covina courthouse -  bail bonds west covina

The courthouse has served these cities for many years and is a vital part of the criminal justice process in these cities. The West Covina Courthouse serves both felony and misdemeanor criminal for the sentencing process of the case.


They have a child support services department at the courthouse to help you with any child support needs and cases. This courthouse also contains a sheriff’s department to ensure the safety of the city and the courthouse. However you must remember that once the defendant is done at the courthouse, he or she will be transferred to the county jail, which could become dangerous and you have a chance to bail him or her out before they leave the courthouse. In order to bail someone out at the courthouse, you must post the bail before 2:30 to keep them from being transferred.


You cannot post a bail after 2:30 which means you or your loved one will have no choice but to go to the county jail. If you have any questions or concerns about bailing someone out at this courthouse, you could contact one of our highly trained agents.

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